Tristis is a character that appears in Child of Light. He is able to join Aurora in her quest through Lemuria. Like his sister, Rubella, he is also a jester.

Finding him concludes the quest Rubella's Plight given by Rubella. After being reunited with his sister, Tristis joins the party.

"For the lost light, the eternal dread. The empty rooms that house the dead. The empty people that house the living. The end of this circus, unforgiving. For the old man who can barely walk, for the young child that can hardly talk. For you and for I. That is why I cry."

-Tristis to Aurora

Biography[edit | edit source]

Tristis is a member of the Aerostati, an elf-like race of people living near Greater Lemuria in houses kept afloat by giant balloons. Both he and his sister Rubella aspired to join the traveling circus as jesters some time after Umbra's hostile take-over of Lemuria. It was originally intended that Tristis and Rubella join the circus together as a double act, however, before Aurora’s appearance in Lemuria, he leaves home to join the traveling circus alone, leaving a note behind informing Rubella of his actions.

He manages to join the traveling circus for a short time but was ultimately dismissed and left behind in the Cliffs of Erin for not being humorous enough. Consumed by grief for his failure, Tristis weeps at the edge of a cliff with the intention to jump and end his life until Rubella reunites with him and convinces him to join her on Aurora’s quest to defeat the Queen of Night and retrieve the Sun, Moon, and Stars.  

Abilities[edit | edit source]

In terms of attacking he is quite similar to Rubella.

His main upgradeable skills are:

  • Ultimate Armor (spell to make an ally take a certain %-amount less damage from physical and magical attacks for a number of turns)
  • Defend (reduces damage from attacks and increases speed on the timeline for the following turn)
  • Extend Spells (passive skill, adds a certain number of turns to all spell durations)
  • Tumble (quick melee attack)
  • Unstoppable (makes an ally immune to being interrupted for a certain number of turns)
  • Haste (speed increases by a certain %-amount for a number of turns)

Etymology[edit | edit source]

Tristis' name comes from the Latin word Tristis, often meaning dark or dull in color or tone; gloomy or sad.

Tristis name can also come from the word Triste, which means sad or depressed in many of the Romance languages.

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