Rubella is a character who is able to join Aurora in her quest through Lemuria. She is an Aerostati jester looking for her brother. After joining, the side-quest Rubella's Plight will be added.

Rubella intentionally breaks the rhyming of her own dialogue. This confuses Aurora and annoys Igniculus.

"Little lady, have you seen bright balloons nearby? Any unicorns balancing on balls or tents raised to the…stars?”


Rubella attacks with very fast (albeit weak) attacks, which can be used to interrupt enemy attacks when timed properly. She also uses restorative magic in order to heal allies and revive them.


Her main upgradeable skills are:

  • Revive: Revives a fallen ally with a certain %-amount of health. Costs MP.
  • Defend: Reduces damage from attacks and increases speed on the timeline for the following turn.
  • Heal: Restores a certain number of HP to an ally. Costs MP.
  • Tumble: Quick melee attack.
  • Ailment Protection: Protects an ally from status ailments for a number of turns. Costs MP.
  • Counter Heal: Grants a %-chance to heal a number of HP whenever health drops under 30%. Passive skill.


Rubella is the feminine form of the Latin word Rubellus, meaning red or reddish.