The Ogre is a boss which appears right before the player is able to enter the Tree of Thorns. He wields an apparently broken flail and is accompanied by two wolfs.

Attack info:


- Flail (quick melee attack dealing heavy damage)

- Ogre's Wrath (heavy melee attack able to bump back target on the timeline, takes two turns to execute)

- Counter Attack (counters a magical attack with an attack of it's own)


- Howl (melee attack against all targets, takes two turns to execute)

- Numbing Bite (spell that slows down a single target)

- Bark (quick melee attack against a target)

Boss Fight Strategy:

This is a fairly easy fight. Deal melee damage as often as possible to all creatures and effectively use Rubella's "Tumble"-attack to interrupt enemy attacks. The enemies are all quite slow and can be slowed down even more by using Igniculus' "blinding" ability. "Aliment Protection (All)" is quite useful against "Numbing Bite", since your party during the spell is immune to harmful effects, making the wolf wasting a turn.