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Norah is a character that appears in Child of Light. She is the middle step-sister from another dimension of Aurora who appears during her quest through Lemuria. Norah guides Aurora to a mirror that can lead them back home. She is the younger daughter of Aurora's stepmother.

"As family we overcome together any obstacle, now and forever.”


Major upgradeable skills

  • Quicken (increases speed of one, and later all allies)
  • Lull (reduces speed of one, and later all enemies)
  • Charm Time (begin further on the timeline, starting at 20%, passive skill)
  • Petrify (melee attack with a %-chance to paralyze an enemy for a few seconds)
  • Unstoppable (makes an ally immune to being interrupted for a certain number of turns)
  • Defend (reduces damage from attacks and increases speed on the timeline for the following turn)

Note: It is highly recommended to NOT upgrade any of her stats with Dust-items (e.g. HP-dust) because later in game she leaves the party FOREVER.



It is later revealed that her real name is Nox, the daughter of the Queen of the Night, and a secondary antagonist. She will also leave your party once this crescendo event is triggered which is why you shouldn't spend Stardust upgrades on her.

Battle InfoEdit


Sea Serpent's Kiss (takes two turns to execute, deals massive damage, water-elemental)

Maw of the Deep (quick and strong water-elemental melee attack)

Unstoppable (counterattack after being interrupted, protects all allies from interruption)


Tidal Wave (quick melee attack, water-elemental)


Boss' weakness: Lightning.


The beautiful Nox

At the beginning of the fight, Nox will turn into a huge Water-Dragon with 2 tentacles as "allies".

This and subsequent battles can be very easy depending on Gen's build. If she has Paralyze All then simply cast it to freeze all enemies on the screen. If not, revert to the next strategy:

For this fight, equip one heavy-hitting character with lightning-damage (Golem or Óengus) and have Finn learn his strongest "Lightning Strike (All)" spell. When using Oengus, have him use his "Taunt"-ability does draw all attacks (equipping him with a sapphire for water-protection is also a good idea). Alternately you can also use Tristis with his "Unstoppable" spell so Finn can't be interrupted while casting.

Cast "Lightning Strike (All)", which is very strong against Nox' water-elemental nature. Use heavy-hitting (lightning-damage dealing) Oengus/Golem to deal more physical+lightning damage with Kategida Cleave (All) / Smash (All).

When using Tristis as a support character, also equip him with lightning-damage and make use of his "Tumble"-attack to interrupt Nox and her tentacles whenever possible.

The fight should not be too hard since Nox and her tentacles have a VERY small set of attacks. If you also want to be on the safe side for the things to come, make sure to equip Aurora and Óengus with Light-damage Citrine (NOT lightning!). (see "spoiler" info below if you need)

FINAL BOSS SPOILER! => Since you will be fighting two bosses in a row, prepare your party for the encounter with Umbra BEFORE fighting Nox, i.e. equip at least 1 or 2 characters with Light-damage (Aurora and Oengus are recommended)! Umbra is weak to light, so make use of that weakness. Another option is to Flee from the Umbra fight immediately after you enter.  


  • Nox is Latin for "night".
    • Nox is as well the name of the Roman goddess of night; her Greek name is Nyx.
  • Unlike other residents of Lemuria, Norah reuses the 3D character model of Aurora (with the moon) while on the field and in battle.