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Lone Capilli
"I ain't like them towny Capilli,
Don't trust 'em. I'm not some mint freak."
-Lone Capilli to Aurora
Lone Capilli is a female Capilli. Her first and last appearance is in Chaper 5: An Unexpected Reunion. She can be found camped out at Wind Wheels in the Plains of Rambert. Lone Capilli is a minor character who gives Aurora helpful advice about oculi.

Appearance Edit

Lone Capilli has light skin and long, brown, messy hair tied into a ponytail with gold rope. She has dark eyes, pointy ears, and a beauty mark on her right cheek. She wears an eyepatch over her right eye. She is dressed in a red, short-sleeved jumpsuit with gold accents and a few red-and-yellow checkered patterns. Her hat matches her clothes; it is red with gold accents and red-and-yellow checkered patterns. A white light hangs from her hat and has a star-shaped object above it. She also wears a brown belt, brown gloves, and brown boots. Lone Capilli holds a pipe in her hand and blows smoke rings with it.

Personality Edit

Lone Capilli appears to be somewhat paranoid, as she expresses wariness towards both the Capilli and Aurora. However, she seems to have a kind heart, as she shares information with Aurora about how to use oculi. Her cousin describes Lone Capilli as "very strange." Her paranoia and "strangeness" could be explained by the fact that she has likely been alone for a long time and rarely interacts with others.

Biography Edit

Lone Capilli is first mentioned in Chapter 4: The Deep Dark Well. After Aurora ends the curse placed upon the Capilli by the Queen of the Night, she can visit a tavern in the Capilli Village. A blonde woman in a purple dress will ask Aurora to say hi to her cousin if Aurora visits the Plains of Rambert; this cousin is presumably Lone Capilli.

In Chapter 5: An Unexpected Reunion, Aurora can talk to Lone Capilli. Aurora calls her "madame" and Lone Capilli is offended by this, as she thinks that the word is used for "towny Capilli" and explains that she is nothing like them. She goes on a short tangent about mint and wonders why it tastes cold, mentioning that she has theories about it. Aurora is about to leave when Lone Capilli notices that Aurora is carrying oculi. She tells Aurora that she can protect herself by combining Oculi to make more powerful ones. She also mentions that Aurora can assign oculi to other people she trusts. She then tells Aurora to leave because her stare is making her uncomfortable.

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