The Golem is a character that can join Aurora in her quest through Lemuria, provided when the side-quest The Golem's Plight (DLC/Deluxe Edition bonus) is completed.


The Golem attacks with his stone-hammer (dealing heavy melee damage) and is able to cast spells which can slow enemies down.


His main upgradeable skills are:

  • Smash: A powerful melee attack targeting one, and later all, creatures.
  • Defend: Reduces damage from attacks and increases speed on the timeline for the following turn.
  • Bump Back: Passive skill adding a %-chance to bump back enemies on the timeline after attacking them.
  • Shock: Shockwave which reduces creatures' speed on the timeline for the following turns.
  • Regenerate: Ability to regenerate a certain number of HP during the following turns.
  • Paralyze: Hammer attack with a chance to paralyze enemies for a short amount of time.

Trivia Edit

  • Does not seem to like the idea of Finn planting mint on him.
  • Dissasembled by the Queen
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