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Crepusculum, also known as Cordelia, is a character that appears in Child of Light. She is the eldest stepsister of Aurora, the eldest daughter of Umbra, the Queen of the Night, and a secondary antagonist.

"Aurora, you looked wretched. No fit for nobility. A ruler you will never be, when you parade around so commonly."
-Cordelia to Aurora

Boss Fight Strategy Edit

(done on Normal difficulty):


Crepusculum and the Reapers

Before fighting her, make sure to equip at least 1 or 2 characters with Light-damage! Crepusculum's minions are weak to light, so make use of that weakness to get rid of them as quickly as possible.

At the beginning of the fight, she will turn into a big black Dragon and she has 2 Reapers helping her out. The best way to start the fight is by having Óengus and Aurora in your party. Use Óengus' "Taunt"-skill to draw all attacks toward him. He will be your tanking character (heal with potions when necessary, swap Aurora with Rubella for a turn or use Igniculus "shining" ability to heal him). While the attacks are drawn towards him, use Aurora's "Light Ray (All)" to deal heavy light damage to the Reapers (Crepusculum herself seems to be immune to light-damage!). An additional method of getting Aurora's Light-spells to hit (and not being interrupted!) is to also use Tristis' spell "Unstoppable" on her.

As for the Dragon, heavy-hitting melee attacks (by Óengus or Golem) are effective, so hammer away after the Reapers are gone!

Caution: Try to not interrupt her too often, as she will heal herself and all allies as a response!

Attack info: Edit


- Mighty Roar (increases damage of herself or an ally)

- Crippling Strike (melee attack, able to slow down its target)

- Dreadful Cry (paralyzes her target)

- Focus (increases critical hit chances)

- Heal (counterattack after being interrupted, able to heal herself and all allies)

- Wurm's Breath (2-turn attack. First turn she is "Gathering Strength". The next turn is the actual attack which deals great damage and slows down her target)


- Wurm's Teeth (strong melee attack)

- Wheel of Death (strong melee attack, targeting all)

- Counterattack (able to counter-attack with melee damage after being hit by physical attacks)


  • Crepusculum is a derivative of the Latin word for crepuscule, which means twilight or dusk, so the turning point of day to night and vice versa. This is reflected in the game by how Aurora is trying to escape from the palace inhabited by dark creatures.