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"Thank ya, on behalf of my people, Aurora.
We were afraid to never again see
The soft, green hills of Lemuria."
-Capilli Leader to Aurora
Capilli Leader is a female Capilli and the head of the Capilli Village. She is a minor character who makes a short appearance when she thanks Aurora for reversing the spell placed on the town's citizens by Umbra, Queen of the Night.

Appearance Edit

Capilli Leader has tan skin, long, brown hair, dark eyes, rosy cheeks, and freckles. Her ears are covered by her hair, but she most likely has pointy ears like many other Capilli. She wears a green dress with gold accents and a matching hat. The hat has an ornate gold light at the end with a pink jewel in the middle. She wears a gold necklace with a jewel similar to the one on her hat. Based on her in-game model, she appears to either be barefoot or her feet are partially wrapped with green cloth.

Personality Edit

Little is known about Capilli Leader's personality, as her appearance in the story is brief. However, she appears to care deeply about her town and its citizens.

Biography Edit

In Chapter 4: The Deep Dark Well, Aurora enters the Capilli Village. All the residents have been turned into crows, except for Finn, who was out of town when the spell was cast. He tells Aurora that the Water of Lethe will cure the villagers, and together they climb down the town well to find it. After they defeat three elemental monsters, Finn magically restores the Water of Lethe and the citizens of the Capilli Village are turned into people again. When Aurora and Finn return to the surface, the Capilli Leader thanks Aurora. After Aurora plays the flute, she remarks that the music sounds sweet. If Aurora talks to her a second time, Capilli Leader will thank Aurora again and mention that the Capilli won't forget what she did for them.

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