Not to be confused with Capilli.

Capilli (character)

"He's a one-of-a-kind, mint-hunting, flying pig.
An' I own him, he wears my mark."
-Capilli about Achilles
Capilli is an unnamed female Capilli. She gives Aurora the optional quest Achilles's Odyssey. She is a mint hunter, and she uses Achilles to sniff out the mint so she can harvest it.

Appearance Edit

Capilli has peach-colored skin, pointy ears, and brown eyes. She has long, brown hair with a braid or two running through it and is tied up into a ponytail with gold hoops. She wears a white dress with gold accents and a matching gold hat. From the end of the hat hangs a white light topped with a star-shaped object. She holds a pipe in her left hand and blows smoke rings with it.

Personality Edit

Capilli seems to be very caring person evidenced by her behavior and speech toward her pig, Achilles. She seems to very determined, as she has unceasingly attempted to retrieve Achilles. She appears somewhat rude, as she sarcastically comments on Aurora's ability to fly, and when Aurora become indignant at this, Capilli does not apologize; instead, she replies "Where else would Achilles lie?" seemingly annoyed at Aurora questioning his whereabouts. However, her brusqueness could be caused by her frustration at losing Achilles, as she warmly thanks Aurora when Aurora tells her that she found him.

Biography Edit

Capilli is first seen in Chapter 4: The Deep Dark Well. Aurora compliments Capilli on her impressive smoke rings, but Capilli replies that she's trying to lure her flying pig Achilles back to her with the smell of mint. She tells Aurora that he ran away yesterday, and she would've caught him if she hadn't been turned into a bird. Aurora offers to return him to her, and Capilli promises her a reward and tells her Achilles is in the Wind Wheels in the Plains of Rambert.

After Aurora returns Achilles to Capilli, she thanks Aurora and gives her a reward, mentioning that she will punish Achilles for his bad behavior.

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