Not to be confused with Capilli (character).

Capilli are a race of dwarf-like or gnome-like creatures in Lemuria. They are first introduced in Chapter 4: The Deep Dark Well, when Aurora finds the Capilli Village.

Appearance Edit

Capilli are rather short, as most are only a few inches taller than Aurora. They all have very long hair and the men have long beards. They all wear hats, off which hangs a string with a light at the end, similar to an anglerfish. Most wear long, colorful robes and walk around barefoot.

History Edit

In Chapter 4: The Deep Dark Well, Aurora enters the Capilli Village. All the residents have been turned into crows, except for Finn, who was out of town when the spell was cast. He tells Aurora that the Water of Lethe will cure the villagers, and together they climb down the town well to find it. After they defeat three elemental monsters, Finn magically restores the Water of Lethe and the citizens of the Capilli Village are turned into people again. If Aurora walks around and talks to the citizens, many of them thank her for her efforts.

Lifestyle Edit

They seem to have a very organized society, as they have a leader, education system, and reliable source of water. They're skilled at fishing and agriculture, and some of them (such as Finn and Avo) have magical abilites. Most of them seem to be easy-going, friendly, and down-to-earth. According to Finn, Capilli age faster than humans; at thirteen years old, Capilli become adults.

Trivia Edit

  • "Capilli" is Latin for "hair" or "hairs."