"Our markets shall roar across the golden plains of Lemuria."
-Bolmus Mayor to Aurora

Bolmus Mayor

Bolmus Mayor is the ruler of the town of the Bolmus Populi.

Appearance Edit

Bolmus Mayor ingame

Bolmus Mayor's in-game model

Bolmus Mayor is a plump mouse with light brown skin, dark eyes, gray hair tied into elaborate braids with purple ribbons (or possibly a wig), a gray mustache, and a beauty mark on his right cheek. He wears a purple overcoat with a black tie, frilly collar, and frilly sleeves with gold buttons over a gray undershirt. He wears gray or pale blue trousers and pointy white shoes with gold buttons. His tail has a purple bow with a blue button on it. He holds a cane in his right hand and a cup of tea on a saucer in his left.

Personality Edit

When Aurora first meets Bolmus Mayor, he is sad, frustrated and angry because the vaults are empty. After Aurora helps him, he seems to revert to his usual jolly self. Bolmus Mayor seems to care a lot about the well-being of his citizens and the prosperity of his town.