Not to be confused with Bolmus.

Bolmus (character)

"I see that you have business clout.
Fine. I will see what I have lying about."
-Bolmus to Aurora after she outsmarts him
Bolmus is a trader mouse in the Town of the Bolmus Populi. He asks Aurora for help, claiming that "a few small creatures" are infesting his basement and that he will reward her if she gets rid of them. The "small creatures" are actually monsters, but he tries to cheat her out of the deal, claiming they set the price beforehand. Aurora says they didn't sign a contract so he must pay her what he owes, and he complies.

Appearance Edit

Bolmus In-Game

Bolmus's in-game model

Bolmus is a mouse with light brown skin, dark eyes, a long, oval-shaped snout, a pink nose shaped like a lightbulb, tattered pink ears, and whiskers for eyebrows. He wears a long, green overcoat with frills over a yellow undershirt with big buttons. He also wears reddish-brown trousers, gray boots, and light brown gloves. He has a cane in his left hand, and a skull in his right.

Personality Edit

Bolmus appears to be frugal, as he bought a house that was likely cheap because the basement was infested with monsters and because he tried to cheat Aurora out of her reward when she "cleaned" the basement. He also seems to be somewhat amoral, as he lied to Aurora about the basement and the reward she would receive upon fixing it. However, when Aurora outsmarted him and forced him to pay up, he complied, complimenting her "business clout" and providing her with her well-earned reward.

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Trivia Edit

  • The skull in Bolmus's hand is a reference to Shakespeare's play Hamlet.