Aerostati homes need to be tied down.

The Aerostati are a race of human-like creatures who live in balloons above Mathildis forest.

Notable residentsEdit

  • Rubella - The sister of Tristis. She is a witty jester dressed in red. Her dream is to join the circus to become Lemuria's wittiest vocalist. Although she claims to not be very good. Most possibly due to the fact that she doesn't know how rhyming works.
  • Tristis - The brother of Rubella. He is a jester dressed in blue and, like his sister, his dream is to join the circus. He did eventually join a traveling circus, but was left behind because he wasn't funny.


  • The Aerostati are named after aerostat balloons. Aerostat balloons are rounded and usually tethered to the ground when not in use, much like the Aerostati homes.