"I educate Populi to the intricacies of trade anew."
-Adolphus to Aurora
Adolphus is a resident of the town Bolmus Populi. When Aurora meets him, he tells her that he teaches others about "the intricacies of trade." When she asks if she can sit in on one of his lessons, he challenges her to prove her ability by trading an apple until she gets gold.

Appearance Edit

Adolphus is a mouse with light fur, dark eyes, a long snout, and whiskers for eyebrows. He wears a fancy gold coat with brown accents, a frilly lace collar, and puffy sleeves over a pale yellow undershirt with big buttons. He also wears short, brown trousers and pale brown, pointy shoes.

Personality Edit

At first, Adolphus appears haughty and snobby when he tells Aurora that she cannot be a trader, as she is not a Bolmus. After Aurora shows him the gold nugget she got through trading the apple he gave her, and therefore completing his challenge, he acts surprised and in disbelief, saying "What?! It cannot be. Impossible. We are the experts, not some outsider." But eventually, he accepts Aurora's success and applauds her, telling her that he is sorry for being so brusque and stating that he has nothing to teach her. He calls her a "master trader" and gives her a reward to help her on the journey.

Adolphus also seems to be quite talented, as he is a self-proclaimed excellent trader and holds a violin with which he seems to be quite talented at playing.

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