Óengus is a character able to join Aurora's party. He joins in after completing Óengus's plight.

"If I aid you, swear to me you will fight the darkness to save our land and people, our light."

Biography Edit

Óengus is a member of the Kategida-clan, a warrior race residing in the Forgotten Tower where he raised his younger brother, Cuchulain.

After the Sun, Moon and Stars were stolen, he and the other Kategida climbed to the topmost part of the tower where they waged war with Umbra and her two daughters, more than willing to die to protect Lemuria, although Umbra was able to defeat them and take over the tower. Óengus then pledged to serve Umbra in exchange for his life and the lives of his clan, to which she agreed, imprisoning the Kategida to the lowest part of the tower.

Óengus has since then been a servant to the Queen of the Night, until Aurora's arrival to the Tower.


During battle, Óengus is able to deal high damage using his claws and is able to instantly kill enemies.

His main upgradeable skills are:

  • Kategida Cleave (a powerful melee attack with a %-chance to push back enemies on the timeline)
  • Defend (reduces damage from attacks and increases speed on the timeline for the following turn)
  • Quake (very strong attack, requires two turns to execute)
  • Kiss of Death (passive skill, adds %-chance to instantly kill an enemy)
  • Taunt (makes enemies attack only him for a number of turns; also heals itself by 50 HP every turn when Taunt is maxed out)
  • Armor of the Titans (able to reduce 30% of physical damage for a number of turns)


  • Óengus is the name of an Irish god. Alternate spellings: Aengus or Aonghus
  • It seems that the Kategida are all named after beings in Irish mythology. Cuchulain being another.
  • The architecture of the race though seems to be based off the native peoples of Canada's and US' North-West coast, due to the prominence of totem poles of the area where you find the Kategida-clan.
  • Óengus' design seems to resemble Japanese Yokai,and his mask resembles Japanese Hannya masks.
  • He values honor greatly, a trait shared among the Kategida clan